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What is a child psychotherapist


A child psychotherapist is a generic term which generally refers to a mental health professional trained and specializing in the evaluation and treatment of children and adolescents.  Psychologists and psychiatrists are generally considered doctoral-level providers which, in addition to supervised internship and residency is required for licensure in most states.

Child psychotherapists generally treat a variety of childhood problems such as behavior difficulties, shyness, depression, problems in adjusting to school or family, dealing with losses or trauma, difficulties with confidence, in addition to psychiatric illness.  Common childhood and adolescent psychiatric problems involve child or adolescent  depressionschool avoidancecoping with divorcechildhood anxiety disordersocial anxiety disorderbedwetting (Enuresis)childhood fearsEating DisordersADHDLearning DisordersAutism Spectrum Disorders, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

pediatric psychologist is a term generally used for psychologists who have experience and training dealing with children with medical disorders such as diabetes, cancer, and other major medical illnesses. Many have training and experience working with a medical team in medical centers.  

Pediatric Neuropsychologists specialize in the assessment of childhood and adolescent neurodevelopmental disorders (such as ADHD, LDs, Autism Spectrum and others) and acquired disorders such as traumatic brain injury. 

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